• Upper transversal expansion and distal expansion by sections. Each turn opens 0.70 mm (0.028). Pouch of 5 units.

  • Wide. For all types of transversal expansion movements in the upper plates. Two sizes which cover all palate sizes. Each turn opens 0,80 mm. Pouch of 5 units.

  • This screw includes two guides which help fitting on the lingual lower arch. Transversal and distal expansion. Each turn opens 0,80 mm. Pouch of 5 units.

  • Medium traction screw for closure of tooth spaces. Strongly screw with high sturdiness. Features a printed-on black direction arrow. Two sizes to ease their positioning as shown in the scheme. Each turn opens 0,35 mm. Pouch of 5 units.

  • According Hausser. For steady expansion. As the screw is opened, the central spring is activated causing a constant pressure until the total opening of the screw. Each turn opens 0.80 mm. Pouch of 2 units.

  • For individual adjustment of single teeth.As the screw turns, interior spring exerts continuous pressure, elastic and adjustable above tooth. Each turn opens 0,35 mm. Pouch of 5 units.

  • U-shaped, straight or bent. To enhance their placement avoiding that the acrylic plate is unnecessarily thick. Distalizing, vestibuliza, expand and open spaces by sectors in both maxillaries, according to needs, as shown in the schemes.Each turn open 0.35 mm There are also short sectors 3 mm and 10 mm long screws. Pouch of 5 units.

  • By BERTONI. Three section expansion with two positions to move separately to protrude and move transversally, and with three positions to move individually the three sections in the shape of a Y. Less thick skeleton. Each turn opens 0.35 mm. Pouch of 2 units.

  • Used to open the palatal suture in the shortest possible time by welding the arms of trhe expander to bicuspid or molar bands. Each turn opens 0,90 mm. Pouch of 1 unit.